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Slack App Events

You need to set up event receiver in your app. Go to the Event Subscriptions subpage of your Slack app page. You will get a page like this:

On this page, after enabling events reception by the app, there are two crucial elements that you need to fill:

  • Request URL - this is the URL in Jira, that Slack will call when an event happens. 

    Use the Event Request URL value from the Enabling Slack Integration page to fill this:

  • If your Jira's external address is different than the one reported on that page, it is crucial that you enter the externally visible address, otherwise event reception will not work

  • in the Event Subscriptions section, under Subscribe to events on behalf of users, select event types to subscribe to. Click the Add Workspace Event button to select the message.channels event type:
  • click Save Changes button at the bottom