In a Confluence Cloud site with Comala Document Management installed, you’ll find an onboarding feature with an interactive demonstration video; links to use cases, and much more.

Get Started Onboarding

The onboarding includes

  • interactive demonstrations

  • links to popular use cases

  • Get Started option to apply a workflow

Open the onboarding feature using either

  • the Confluence sidebar menu under APPS

  • the Confluence top menu under Apps

See the app in action

Choose the Check out this interactive demo options to view how to Comala workflow

  • as a Space Admin

  • as a Confluence User

Get Started

As a space administrator, use the Get Started option to quickly apply a workflow to all the content in a selected space.

The Get Started option displays a dialog box with options to select a space to apply a Comala workflow to all the pages in the space.

Dropdown menu options are filtered to spaces based on your Confluence space administrator permissions.

As a space administrator

  • select a space to apply a workflow. to all the pages and blog posts in the space

    • Spaces option filters available spaces based on whether the current user has admin permission

    • Configure a Workflow opens the selected space document management dashboard to enable a space workflow and apply to the space

A message is displayed if the current user has no admin permission for a space in the site.

Scroll down the onboarding screen to view

  • Popular use cases

Keep calling back to view new resources added to help you use Comala Document Management.