Installation of the Comala Document Management app

Installing the app

The Comala Document Management for Confluence Cloud app is managed as a user-installed app.

By default, the app is automatically updated on new releases.

Once the installation is completed, the global administrator can configure

  • manage user approval signing tokens

The global administrator can also configure the app for use from behind a corporate firewall.

Please check regularly for appropriate updates and app releases on Atlassian Marketplace and in the documentation release notes.

Evaluation License and business use case

For a new trial installation of Comala Document Management to better understand what business case our evaluation customers are seeking to achieve when installing the app the workflow picker now has the option to select a business use option from a drop-down menu before choosing a workflow to apply.

Depending on the selection 

  • a usage tracking event is sent to our BIT(Business Internal Tools)

  • workflows will be displayed within the workflow picker in a specific order, showing in first place the one that best fits the chosen business case needs

The workflow picker will then display all the available workflows including any custom workflows. A user can choose the option to Skip the request.

This business use option will be available in our evaluation version each time a workflow is added to the content.

It is aimed to help in the development of additionally available workflows and features within the Comala Document Management app.


The Onboarding option includes

  • interactive demonstrations

  • links to use cases

Open the onboarding feature using either

  • the Confluence side menu under APPS

  • the Confluence top menu under Apps

Corporate firewall and access to Comala Document Management URLs