Cloud to Cloud Migration


The Comala Document Family of Apps for Confluence Cloud supports the migration of all workflow data including document activity when migrating your spaces from one Confluence Cloud space to another Cloud space or Cloud site.

Atlassian provides guides to support Cloud-to-Cloud migration or export/import of Confluence content from one cloud site to another

However, migrating your content from a source cloud site or importing a space does not include any apps installed in the source site.

You must undertake several steps to ensure that you can use your Comala Document Management family app in your new site.

Comala Document Management family app migration

After you have imported your data, you must install the Comala Document Management Family app.

The Comala app workflow event and actions history (document activity) are included for each page when using either Confluence Cloud-to-cloud migration or the Confluence space import process. The document activity is available in the destination space and accessible in the document activity report for each page when a workflow is added and applied to the page.

We recommend importing each space one at a time.

To ensure the imported content and any added workflow are updated for each imported space in your new site

  • choose the space settings>Comala Document Management/Control/Approval dashboard for the installed Comala app

  • enable the space workflow

  • reindex the space

After enabling the space workflow, you can initialize the content in each space to a specific state.

If you are using a page workflow this workflow needs to be added manually to each document.

The Comala Document for Management for Confluence Cloud app allows the use of custom workflows in additon to any workflow installed with the app. A custom workflow must be copied from the source cloud site as a JSON file from the code editor and then added to each space where the custom workflow is used in the destination site using the code editor in the space settings document management dashboard.

Custom workflows are only available in Comala Document for Management for Confluence Cloud - both the source and destination site need to have the Comala Document for Management for Confluence Cloud app installed.