Workflow Popup


The workflow popup allows you to keep track of the progress of the applied workflow on the page or blog post.

The contents of the workflow popup change to reflect the current workflow state for the content and the type of transition that is defined for the current state.

If the state has a content review, this is characterized in the workflow popup by buttons, usually captioned Approve and Reject. In some content reviews in a workflow state, there is an option to assign one or users as reviewers.

-Workflow progress tracker bar

The workflow progress tracker bar can be found at the bottom of the workflow popup.

You can scroll over the tracker bar to view the state names in the current added workflow.

The progress tracker identifies the current state in the workflow as a blue dot.

If a final state is present in the workflow, this state is displayed as a green dot, the state name appended with FINAL.

-By default, the workflow popup also displays

  • the destination state name (Next: <statename>) for the current transition

  • (if present in the workflow) the final state name (Final: <statename>)

Workflow popup actions menu (ellipsis menu)

The workflow popup actions (horizontal ellipsis) menu has several options.

  • Document Activity opens the page document activity report

  • Need help? displays a link to the app documentation and a link to the Appfire Comala support team

  • Show workflow displays a visual workflow diagram for the currently applied workflow