Global Administration

Global Configuration


Global administrators can configure the app

  • management of user approval signing tokens

  • access from behind a corporate firewall

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Approval Signing Code Admin

If e-signature is enabled for an individual workflow approval users must create and use a signing token to enable the approval and authenticate the approval decision.

The details for signing tokens set up by individual users are displayed in the Approval Signing Code Admin screen:

  • user name

  • token expiry date

  • date created

  • last token usage attempt by each user

  • number of failed token authentication attempts by each user

Global administrators can choose for each user

  • Set expiry date signing codes

  • Remove token requiring a user to set up a new signing code

Set expiry date is used to amend the expiration date for a token.

Use the X to clear the existing expiration value. However, the token expiration date cannot be left blank.

Remove token removes the user token from the site. A new token then needs to be set up by the user using a third-party authentication app.

Global permissions configuration

Installing the app will also automatically add the Comala Approvals for Confluence Cloud app system user and configure the global and space permissions for the app system user.

App access for a Confluence site accessed behind a company firewall