Feature Tour

Comala Document Management for Confluence Cloud lets you manage your documentation pages

  • Add reviewers, who can approve or reject the content

  • Set expiry dates for content to be reviewed

  • Track and view the document changes

Easily add and apply a Comala workflow to your Confluence pages and blog posts

Add to an individual page

Add to all content across a space

Review Content

Add approvals

Add and use workflow parameters

Use workflow parameters to flexibility manage and set the values used by the workflow on applying to content.

Add workflow parameters to a custom workflow using workflow builder visual editor

Set the parameter values for a space workflow used when the space workflow is first applied to a page

Workflow parameters for approval reviewers (used in the Quality Management System workflow)

Content state expiration due dates (used in the Content Expiry workflow)


Searching and Reporting

Document Report

Space administrators can easily see current workflow status on pages and blog posts across a space using the Document Report accessed from the Confluence side bar menu.

Document Activity

Page editors can easily view the workflow document activity on each page or blog post.

See who approved content, who assigned a reviewer, when a change of workflow state occurred and the page version when the document activity occurred

Use the included reporting page macros to display dynamic workflow information on your pages.

Got a different business process, team practice or compliance need?

You can use one of the bundled Comala Document Management workflows or customize these for your team, project, business or process.

Using server? Want to see our migration roadmap for our Comala Document Management Cloud app? Visit our Migrating to Confluence Cloud pages.


Got a burning question that our documentation can't help with?

Email our support team! Or add a request to our support portal.