Creating a custom workflow


A custom workflow can be created in a space by

  • editing an existing workflow in the space

  • creating a new workflow in the space

The three workflows bundled with Comala Document Management can be copied and the copy customized. The source bundled workflow template cannot be overwritten.

The workflow is created and edited using the following tools

A workflow can also be imported by copying and pasting the JSON code from a workflow template in another space or site.

The workflow visual editor and code editor are accessed in the space settings document management dashboard.

Create a custom workflow

Custom workflows are added to the space document management dashboard. You can

Create a new custom workflow

In the space document management dashboard

  • choose the Create New Workflow button


This opens the workflow builder visual editor.

The visual editor displays a simple two state workflow template as a starting point for your new custom workflow.

  • enter a name for the new custom workflow

  • choose Apply

The saved workflow can be edited in the visual editor to add

Duplicate a workflow to create a custom workflow

Each of the workflows bundled with the app can be copied and this copy edited to create a new custom workflow.

Workflow builder visual editor



Code editor

Import a workflow template using the code editor to add a custom workflow

The workflow template JSON code is edited directly in the editor.