Edit workflow parameters in workflow builder

You use workflow to add and edit workflow parameters in the workflow.

Choose the workflow name in the workflow panel.

Any existing workflow parameters are listed for the workflow.

Choose  + Add Parameter to add a new parameter (or select an existing parameter to edit).

The Add parameter dialogue box is displayed.

Create the workflow parameter by

  • adding the parameter name

  • setting the type of parameter from the dropdown menu

  • optionally set a label to use as a friendly name for the parameter

  • adding a description

The type of parameter will also determine the options for adding the value. A user parameter will expect one or more usernames as the value.

duration parameter will provide options to set the value using a specific Period of time, a specific Fixed Date or an ISO_8601 duration value.

The Period and ISO_8601 duration are relative time periods set from the workflow event. For example when using for the value of a workflow state expiry, the duration is set from the transition date to the state.

Examples of use of an IS0 6081 duration string are

  • P6M1D - a period of six months and one day

  • P1Y - a period of one year

  • PT6H30M - a period of time of six hours and thirty minutes

A workflow parameter cannot be used as a value for another workflow parameter.

Choose Apply to update the workflow in workflow builder.

Saving any changes to a bundled workflow will create a copy as a custom workflow. The bundled workflow cannot be changed.

Choose Save and then Exit in the navigator panel to add to the space settings dashboard.