How to retrieve announcements list from database into Bitbucket

This article explains how to retrieve the list of announcements created using the Announcer for Bitbucket Server app from the database and display it in your Bitbucket instance.


  1. Log into the database.
  2. Use the schema that you are using for the Bitbucket instance. All announcements are stored in the AO_CE9B14_NOTIFICATION table.
  3. Write a SELECT query to fetch the list of announcements that are created through Announcer for Bitbucket Server app from the database table.

    select * from AO_CE9B14_NOTIFICATION;

    The above query diaplys the list of announcements in your Bitbucket instance.

  • Ensure to not run CREATE/UPDATE/DELETE operations directly from the database as these may impact the data at an application level.
  • MySQL is the database used in this example.