MultiExcerpt Enhanced Permissions

Share content from restricted spaces and pages with specific users and groups.

The 'MultiExcerpt Enhanced Permissions' macro allows users to share content from restricted pages and restricted spaces with specific users and/or groups.

Use this feature to render content in a controlled way to anyone you want.

You can expose restricted content to specific users and/or groups that you define in the "MultiExcerpt Enhanced Permissions" macro. 

This macro is disabled by default.


  • An admin user can enable the multiexcerpt-enhanced-permissions module for the Multiexcerpt Plugin using the UPM (Universal Plugin Manager), found in Confluence administration under Manage apps
    • It is disabled by default
  • Wrap some content that is on a restricted page with the 'MultiExcerpt Enhanced Permissions' macro. 
  • In the macro editor define which users and/or groups can see the content
  • Add a MultiExcerpt Include to any page where the users and/or groups you specified have access. They will be able to see this included restricted content.

'MultiExcerpt Enhanced Permissions' macro listed in drop down and macro browser

Options to allow specific users and/or groups to view this content that is on a restricted page or space

In the example below the content contained in the body of the macro is on a page with restricted permissions.  It can be seen, using the MultiExcerpt Include macro, by anyone in the group "finance-department" as well as the users admin and Charles Atlas.


Make sure that you don't accidentally enable the module(s) below enhanced permissions.
Those are only for use during migrations. If enabled during normal use it could cause errors.

'MultiExcerpt Enhanced Permissions' Demonstration video

To show/hide enable/disable the macro

The MultiExcerpt Enhanced Permissions macro is disabled by default.

An admin user can  enable/disable the macro by enabling/disabling the macro's module as shown:

Click to expand screenshot

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