MultiExcerpt Enhanced Permissions Macro

MultiExcerpt Enhanced Permissions Macro

This macro allows you to safely and in a controlled manner expose content to users and/or groups which is on a page with 'restricted permissions'.

In other words it lets you easily 'add certain viewers' to content that is otherwise hidden from them. 


  • Wrap some content on a restricted page with the "MultiExcerpt Enhanced Permissions" macro on any page with restricted permissions. 
  • Define in the macro parameters which users and/or groups who can see the content
  • Add a multiexcerpt-include to any page where the 'users' and/or 'groups' granted permissions have access. They will also be able to see this otherwise restricted content.

To hide/disable the macro

If you'd like to disable this macro so it doesn't show up in the list of macros a user can select you can simply disable the macro's module as shown:

Click to expand screenshot

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