MultiExcerpt and Scroll Image Map in Data Center and Server

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For a MultiExcerpt that contains a Scroll Image Map macro:

When included in a MultiExcerpt Include macro the image sometimes renders black shapes instead of the regular image in the image link areas unless caching is disabled.

Use the macro editor to disable caching in your MultiExcerpt Include macro.

Page Context

In some scenarios the included Scroll Image Map will render correctly in a MultiExcerpt Include if you enable the parameter “Use MultiExcerpt Include Page Context” in an MultiExcerpt Include macro that is used to include a Scroll Image Map macro:

If that context switch works for your MultiExcerpt-Include then you may be able to leave caching enabled for that MultiExcerpt-Include macro.


There are some 3rd party macros (like Scroll Image Map,, etc.) that have complex markup and rendering algorithms that can be interfered with when MultiExcerpt-Include uses caching to simply render the markup from a previous rendering request. The 3rd party macro rendering may have dependencies on the rendering context that can be lost when using caching (or when rendering using the default context which is the context of the MultiExcerpt page instead of the MultiExcerpt Include page). The complexities are not under the control of the MultiExcerpt-Include macro and that is why it has the ability to render without caching and/or with the ability to choose which page context to use (original MultiExcerpt page or the MultiExcerpt Include page).