Legacy MultiExcerpt version 2.0.7


{multi-excerpt} parameters:

  • name - required the excerpt section must be identified

{multi-excerpt-include} parameters:

  • pageTitle - required title of the page from which the macro is being retrieved
  • name - required must match the excerpt being retrieved
  • nopanel - optional this excerpt is displayed inside a panel unless nopanel=false.


On the page with text you wish to have included elsewhere:

A page with title: Sample Page
{multi-excerpt:name=some sample 1}
some text excerpt 1
{multi-excerpt:name=some sample 2}
some text excerpt 2
On the page where you are including the text

{multi-excerpt-include:pageTitle=Sample Page|name=some sample 1|nopanel=true}
{multi-excerpt-include:pageTitle=Sample Page|name=some sample 2|nopanel=true}

Output on the page with excerpts being displayed

some text excerpt 1
some text excerpt 2
some text from a different space sample page


I did not receive my license code. Where is it?

It went to one of your spam folders. This automated payment and license system I've been using has worked 100% of the time over two years for roughly a purchase per week. If you look there you'll find it 

How do I enter the license key?

Once you've installed the plugin...
which could also be something like:

How does the trial/demo work?

Version 2.0+ of the plugin allows up to 10 multi-excerpt-includes to work. The same excerpts can be included multiple places and only count once. Once you have more then 10 the addition multi-excerpt-includes will display a message with a link to where you can purchase a license.

How much does the plugin now cost?

Please see this plugin's MarketPlace page for pricing.

Why is this now commercial when it was free?

The plugin was initially released as open source in 2004. After approx. 1000 downloads the newer versions of Confluence required updates to the plugin. Additionally people requested clever enhancements. I fixed the plugin a couple of times, but Confluence updates continued to break it.

After trying to figure out how to best help the many companies who use this plugin I decided to rerelease it completely fixed, updated and with several feature requests implemented.

To do this I have to charge a small fee. Purchasers of this plugin will be offered support to their issues and continue to see enhancements to this plugin.

Will this continue to work as new versions of Confluence as they're released?


What versions of Confluence will this work with?

Please see the P.A.C. page which always lists the latest compatibility - as of this writing all versions from Conf 2.7 through 4.x are compatible with some version of the plugin

My question is not answered

Please visit

Page lookup error: page "Artemis Software" not found.

If you're experiencing issues please see our Troubleshooting Guide.

I'd like to see a new feature

Please visit our support portal to submit a New Feature request

Page lookup error: page "Artemis Software" not found.

If you're experiencing issues please see our Troubleshooting Guide.

Our project is open source or non for profit, do you honor Atlassian's same approach towards these types of projects?

Yes. If you have a Confluence license of those types just email me the site from a similar email address (same domain) and I'll send you a license. soon the plugin will determine the Confluence license type automatically and this will not be necessary.

What happened to the original open source code?

It's still available here. OK it was available at that link but Atlassian moved all the source around with their migration to s.p.a.c. It's probably still somewhere out there but I don't know where. At this point it wouldn't work with anything past version ~2.8 without a rewrite.

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