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For a MultiExcerpt that contains a Diagram macro:

When included in a MultiExcerpt Include macro the diagram does not render unless caching is disabled.

When the MultiExcerpt Include macro is using caching then the included diagram is blank.

Use the macro editor to disable caching in your MultiExcerpt Include macro.

Page Context

The Diagrams for Confluence plugin is a plugin developed by another company and depends on the page context on which the diagram is defined. We do not have any insight into that dependency or control over it.

Therefore, you CANNOT enable the parameter “Use MultiExcerpt Include Page Context” in an MultiExcerpt Include macro that is used to include a macro:


But I Need to Render the Included Content in the MultiExcerpt INCLUDE Page Context

If you have a MultiExcerpt (ME) that has a combination of a macro and some content that must be rendered in the context of the MultiExcerpt INCLUDE page’s context instead of the default of using the context of the original page then you must split the mixed content into 2 different MultiExcerpt (ME) macros.

Then use two different MultiExcerpt Include (ME-Include) macros with different context parameter settings.


My Macro Does Not Work When Included From a MultiExcerpt Enhanced Permissions (MEEP) Macro

I see this access error when I try to view the page with a MultiExcerpt Include that includes a MEEP that has a macro in it:

Source page access restriction: Click the link below to check if the page is accessible.

The MEEP (MultiExcerpt Enhanced Permissions) macro is only designed to override the Confluence PAGE permissions for the page that has the original ME (MultiExcerpt) on it.

A ME-Include (MultiExcerpt-Include) macro can include the body of a MEEP that is on a restricted page that a user would not normally be able to view, and the MEEP has the list of users/groups that have the ability to override Confluence's page permissions.

However, the MEEP has no mechanism for overriding any other permissions/restrictions like the restrictions that are being enforced by the macro. The MEEP does not have the ability to tell the macro that it needs to override its permission check using the users/groups that are specified in the MEEP.

This is working as designed, it is a limitation in the abilities of MEEP.

We would recommend you to put diagrams in ME macros that are on pages that are normally accessible by any user who needs to use ME-Include to include them. One cannot put the diagram in a MEEP and have that somehow override the permission checks that are in the application.