Unlink issues from the current issue

A post-function that will unlink issues from the current issue based on the result of a Groovy condition.

To add the 'Unlink issues from the current issue' post-function to a transition: 

  1. Click Edit for the workflow that has the transition you wish to add the post-function on.

  2. In the Workflow Designer, select the transition.

  3. Click Post Functionsin the properties panel.

  4. Click Add post function.

  5. Select Unlink issues from the current issue from the list of post-functions.

  6. Click Add to add the post-function on the transition.

  7. Add a Groovy condition in the Condition.

  8. Click Add to add the post-function to the transition.

When you add this post-function to a transition and trigger it, the add-on checks the specified condition against each linked issue of the current issue, except the ones added on the transition screen, if any. If the condition evaluates to true or a Groovy truthy the issue will be unlinked. To include the issues linked on the transition screen, if any, move the post-function after the Update change history for an issue and store the issue in the database built-in post-function.


Input a Groovy condition in Condition. You can test your condition using the Groovy script tester.


  • linkTypeName == "Blocks" returns true for all linked issues that are linked to the current issue with "Blocks" link type

  • linkedIssue.get("status").getName() == "Rejected" returns true for all linked issues that are in the Rejected status.

Customize this post-function using the additional options provided as part of the post-function. The options are:

Run As

Error Handling

By default, all errors (Java Exceptions) raised by this post-function, including those raised by custom Groovy scripts, will be logged in the JIRA log file but will not be reported to the user and will not prevent the transition from completing. 

However, when designing new workflows or troubleshooting them, it is more convenient to be notified immediately of any such error during the execution of the transition. On development and staging Jira instances, you can activate error reporting for all JMWE post-functions on the JMWE configuration page, and it is recommended to do so. But on production Jira instances, you might want to show errors only for the post-function(s) being worked on, in order to avoid disrupting other workflows. To make errors raised by the current post-function prevent the transition from completing and show the error in the browser, select Make transition fail when an error occurs in this post-function. 

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