Placing post-functions in a transition

The position of a post-function in the list of post-functions for a transition is an important factor for its proper execution. When adding a new post-function to a transition, you must move it to the appropriate position, which depends on the type of transition ( Create or regular) and the type of post-function you configure. 

  • On the Create transition

JMWE post-functions that set the value of a field should generally be placed before the Creates the issue originally built-in post-function, unless they depend on issue links (such as the Set Field Value from Parent and Set Field Value from Linked Issues post-functions) or on the issue key (which is only available after the Creates the issue originally built-in post-function runs). Other JMWE post-functions should be placed after the Creates the issue originally built-in post-function.

(warning) Post-functions that set or access fields from linked issues should always be placed after the Creates the issue originally post-function so that the link is established when the post-function is triggered.

(info) Whenever a post-function is not working as expected on the Create transition, try moving it around the Creates the issue originally built-in post-function.

  • On any regular transition

JMWE post-functions should be placed anywhere in the list before the Update change history for an issue and store the issue in the database post-function, except for the post-functions that transition issues (see below).

  • Transition Issue, Transition Parent Issue and Transition Linked Issues post-functions

Post-functions that automatically transition issues should always be placed at the end of the list of post-functions. This applies to the following post-functions: