Field Has Been Set Validator

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This validator confirms that a specified field (which can be a custom field) has been set before allowing the transition.

To add the Field Has Been Set validator, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Jira cog icon > Issues > Workflows.

  2. After finding the workflow, go to the three-dots icon and click Edit. Navigate to the transition of your workflow.

  3. Switch to the Validators tab.

  4. Click the Add validator button.

  5. Select JEP - Field Has Been Set Validator and then click the Add button.

  6. Select the status(es) which the parent issue “should be” within in order to proceed with the transition.

    If the field has not been set but the user tries to perform the transition, the below error message will be displayed.

  7. Click Add, and you’ll be redirected to the Validators list.

  1. Don’t forget to click Publish Draft to publish the workflow and save your changes.