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The JEP Settings page only features the Ignore Webhooks toggle, which allows you to toggle the plugin's behavior with regard to webhooks received from your system. To navigate to this page, open Apps > Enhancer Plugin for Jira Cloud > Settings.

By enabling this feature, the plugin will ignore any incoming webhooks, preventing them from triggering actions or updates within the plugin.

When should you use this?

When performing bulk updates that involve a large number of issues, such as creating or updating 1000 issues simultaneously, enabling the Ignore Webhooks feature can help avoid errors or issues that may arise due to the volume of requests. By turning on the toggle, webhooks triggered by bulk updates will be disregarded, ensuring a smoother and more efficient process.

Please note that enabling the Ignore Webhooks feature should be done with caution and based on your specific requirements. Ensure that you understand the implications and potential impact on your system's functionality before making any changes.