Release History

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This page lists the release notes from every production version of Enhancer Plugin for Jira Cloud.

  • Implemented LogRocket for enhanced tracking and debugging capabilities.

  • Made updates to the Amplitude configuration.

  • Resolved a security issue where regular users could access private issue data in JEP Linked Fields.

  • Made changes to Amplitude.

  • Implemented Amplitude.

  • Background Report was creating multiple tuples for the same issue.

  • Resolved an issue where the JEP Recalculate status list failed to display for large data sets.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented certain groups, although permitted in the workflow conditions, from seeing the transition.

  • Addressed the issue where some groups were missing in the "User Group / Project Role" workflow condition settings.

  • Corrected the Time Tracking Report to eliminate negative status times.

  • Resolved a bug where the start and end dates for recurring holidays were being displayed incorrectly.

  • Investigated and addressed an issue causing the Enhancer calendar to disappear unexpectedly.

  • Integrated Pijen for enhanced notifications and updates.

  • Enhanced the issue panel to display related issues raised by the same reporter

  • Replaced the JEP issue glance with issue context for improved user experience

  • Fixed the occurrence of the 400 HTTP code in periodic and background report pages

  • Introducing Dark Mode! Enjoy a modern, eye-friendly interface during low-light conditions.

  • Data retention policy has been added.

  • Updated the Authentication Server URL for improved security.

  • Status custom fields now use status IDs instead of names for enhanced consistency and reliability.

  • Added the Linked Issue Fields Panel for a seamless linked issue management experience.


  • We've added a new Pie Chart Report to enhance your Time Tracking reports.

  • Enjoy visual insights with the introduction of time spent column coloring in Time Tracking reports.

  • Better display of custom field values in the Comment Field.

  • Recalculation was failing for some issues with a large number of attachments.

  • UI was failing due to a lack of Confluence data.

  • Static events were not triggering listeners.

  • Recalculation was failing in some instances.

  • Workflow functions were not working as expected for some customers.

  • Recalculation was not working for all custom fields.

  • JCMA migration was not working properly for calendars.

  • Time Tracking report text changes.

  • Calendar creation was not working.


  • JCMA migration was not working in some cases.


  • Time Tracking Report is added.

  • Ability to create calendars is added. You can use the created calendars within Time Tracking Report.

  • Migration with JCMA was not working properly in some instances.

  • Brand new recalculation design.

  • Assign issue to specific user role post function was failing.


  • JCMA Support has been added.

  • Smart Assignment Post Function has been added.