Reporter History Panel

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The "JEP - Same Reporter" feature in Jira Cloud allows users to easily view issues raised by the same reporter directly from the issue view. This feature is designed to provide a convenient way to access and manage related issues raised by the current reporter.

Accessing the Panel

When viewing an issue in Jira Cloud, users can find a dedicated button labeled "JEP - Same Reporter" on the issue view interface. To access the feature:

  1. Start by navigating to the specific issue you want to explore.

  2. Click the "JEP - Same Reporter" button within the issue view interface. This will immediately scroll the page to reveal a panel below the issue details.

Display Panel

The panel displays a list of issues that were created by the same reporter. If the reporter changes for the current issue, the panel will automatically update to display issues related to the new reporter. Users can hide the panel if they do not wish to view related issues at that moment.

The order of the issues is in descending order by default. The information displayed for each related issue includes:

  • Issue Key: The unique identifier for the issue.

  • Request Type: The type of request associated with the issue.

  • Summary: A brief summary of the issue.

  • Status: The current status of the issue.

If the current reporter has not created any other issues, the panel will indicate: "No other issues reported by this user." For anonymous users, a specific message will be displayed: "This issue is reported by an anonymous user. There are no other issues to display."

This seamless integration into the Jira issue view optimizes workflow efficiency, allowing users to easily track and manage related issues, fostering a more productive and organized work environment. However, users can choose to hide the panel if they do not wish to view related issues, providing flexibility in their workflow.

Panel Configuration

The panel is open by default, but users can configure its visibility based on their preferences. To configure the panel:

  1. From the top Jira bar, click Apps > Manage your apps.

  2. From the sidebar, find ENHANCER PLUGIN FOR JIRA, and click Settings.

  3. Uncheck the box next to "Enable 'Issues from the same reporter' table" to disable the feature entirely. Alternatively, keep it checked and specify the projects where you want the feature active. This ensures the table is available only on selected projects' issues.

    In this example, the table will appear only on the “Appfire Service Desk” and “Canned Responses Support” projects.
  4. Click Save.