Custom Fields

This page is about JEP Cloud. Using Jira On-Prem? Click the On-Prem button above.

Using the Enhancer Plugin for Jira Cloud, you gain access to over 30 enhanced custom fields, allowing you to effortlessly create clear Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for your teams. These custom fields collect issue data in the background, eliminating the need for manual data entry. To cater to various needs, we offer a wide range of custom field types, including comment, duration, date, user/group, counter, parent/linked issue, and status custom fields. By leveraging these custom fields, you can streamline your workflow and gain valuable insights into your Jira issues.

By opening Apps > Enhancer for Jira Plugin > Custom Field Configuration, you can create new custom fields, or edit, translate, or delete the already created ones using the gear icon on the right.

All custom fields are created within Jira's custom fields module, and their data is saved directly in Jira. These custom fields must align with the available data types in Jira Cloud, which means we can only create custom fields that have a data type equivalent. Because of these field type restrictions, some custom fields from JEP On-Prem couldn't be carried over to JEP Cloud. To address this limitation, we are actively developing a JEP Panel, which will be available soon to enhance your customization options.

Here is a list of all the custom fields you can create with Enhancer Plugin for Jira Cloud: