Parent Issue Field

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The Parent Issue Field brings a specified field or custom field from the parent issue into a subtask within JEP. When an issue is designated as a subtask, it has a parent issue, which represents the main task. The Parent Issue Field allows you to display a selected field from the parent issue directly within the subtask, eliminating the need to navigate to the parent issue to view that information.

For example, let's consider a subtask named AS-7, with AS-10 assigned as its parent issue. To display the "Created" field from the AS-10 parent issue within the AS-7 subtask, you can define a Parent Issue Field with the "Created" field selected. This field will then show the "Created" value from the AS-10 parent issue directly in the AS-7 subtask.

How to Define a Parent Issue Field

To define a Parent Issue Field, follow these steps:

  1. Click Apps in the top menu, and from the sidebar, navigate to ENHANCER PLUGIN FOR JIRA.

  2. Open Panel Field Configuration.

  3. Click Add New Panel Field, and select Parent Issue Field > Add field.

  4. Provide a name for the panel field that represents the field from the parent.

  5. Optionally, write a description to provide additional context for the field.

  6. In the "Field" section, select the desired field (e.g., Created) that you want to display from the parent issue.


  7. Click Save field.

The field will now be visible in the JEP Field. By clicking on the issue name, you will be directed to the corresponding parent issue.