Support for Atlassian Server Products (and apps like BigPicture) is ending in February 2024.

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Cloning and Import problems

Exception when trying to create JIRA issue project key

The most common reason for the cloning / import process to fail is related to Jira Field Configuration. 

The "Required" fields have to be changed to "Optional" for the time when the App is cloning / importing the program.

Keep in mind, the change of the Field Configuration scheme has to be applied to the target Jira project (the project issues get copied to). 

We recommend creating a temporary scheme instead of changing an existing one. This way, other projects will not be affected. Then, when needed, you apply a "temporary" configuration to a project instead of changing an existing configuration (that may be in use by multiple different projects) to minimise the impact.

To make things easier you may copy an existing configuration:

Name it to make things clear for other users:

Click on the field configuration name and change all items to "optional" within it:

Add a new field configuration scheme:

Make sure that the correct field configuration is associated with the scheme:

Go to the Jira project that is added to the Box scope (the project Jira issues will be copied to):

Find the field configuration:

Change the scheme:

You can proceed with the cloning after changing the Field Configuration.