Clean Install BigPlugins

For rollback purposes, please back up your database before starting the upgrade process or test the new BigPicture version on an isolated environment.


If you want to start using our plugin afresh, here is how to make sure that there will be no old data interference after reinstall.

Simply follow the procedure below.

Applies to:

The Procedure

  1. Disable your Plugin

  2. In your JIRA database, please delete all the tables, sequences, and other objects which begin with:

    1. AO_0456E7_ - for BigPicture

    2. AO_8AC478_ - for BigGantt

    3. AO_DA6AB9_ - for BigTemplate

  3. Execute the following scripts:

    select id1, id2
    from propertystring s
    inner join propertyentry p on =
    where p.property_key = 'AO_0456E7_#';

    delete from propertystring where ID = <id1>;

    delete from propertyentry where ID = <id2>;

Depending on the plugin's database you would like to alter, 'AO_0456E7_#' should be replaced with 'AO_8AC478_#' or 'AO_DA6AB9_#' in the script given above. 

  1. When the previous query returns result and there were records to delete, you have to restart Jira Server.

In case of any problems

If you are still having trouble following these steps, or your problem is more complicated, you are always welcome to contact our Support Team via the Service Desk. We are always more than happy to help.