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Remove multiple versions of an attachment. Use limit parameter to remove versions except for the last limit versions. Use date parameter to remove versions created before that date. Use regex parameter to remove versions whose comment matches the pattern. Use '--options just1=day' to remove versions except for the last version created each day and similarly for week, month, and year. If multiple criteria are specified, all must be met. A numeric attachment id can substitute for the attachment name. By default, a CSV output lists each attachment version indicating versions selected and why - use quiet parameter to suppress the output or the file parameter. Use the simulate parameter to log the details without running the removal so you can verify your selection criteria. Use @all for name to automatically repeat the request for each attachment on the page.

Required Parameters

((space and title) or id), name, (date or limit or regex)

Optional Parameters

dateFormat, simulate, quiet, file, append, columns, outputType, encoding





Output Formats

Replacement Variables

Since Version



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