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Create or update a page. Content for the page is provided by one or more of the content, content2, and file parameters. If more than once of these is used, they ordering on the page is first the content parameter value, followed by a copy of the data from the file parameter, and then followed by the content2 parameter value. This allows you to wrap file content be before and after content which is important in many scenarios. For example, Confluence wiki macros can be used to wrap file content in this way. For instance, markdown content using the markdown macro like '--content "{markdown}" --file --content2 "{markdown}"'. By default, content is treated as Confluence wiki markup. Use '--noConvert' to instead treat as simple text. To convert markdown content to Confluence native content, use '--markdown' with the warning that this may degrade the formatting and may need manual repair. For HTML content, you may want ACLI to automatically modify the HTML to convert some HTML constructs to Confluence native support like anchors and anchor links. Use '--modifyHtml' to request this support. HTML content may still need additional modification or manual repair for better migration to Confluence. Find replace parameters can be used to modify content prior to inserting into the page. This is an important technique for migrating content.

Required Parameters

space, title, (content or file)

Optional Parameters

parent, labels, replace, continue, content2, type, findReplace, findReplaceRegex, noConvert, markdown, encoding





Output Formats

Replacement Variables

pageId, pageUrl

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