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Set one or more replacement variables specified using field parameters with name=value syntax or loaded from a property file. Value specified replaces any previously set variable with the same name including values set by other actions that set replacement variables. This is an example to save a previously set value, use '--field myIssue=@issue@'. Find and replace logic is applied to the value before setting the variable providing a way to manipulate values in a script. Variables are available only within the scope of the run script they were set in. If a regex based condition is provide using the regex and value parameters, the variables will only be set if the regex condition is met. By default, the regex is used for a find of the value parameter. The options parameter can be set to one or more of the following to modify the default behavior - literal - to treat the regex string as a literal string, exact - to require an exact match of the value, negative - to reverse the condition so a match means do NOT set the variables. In addition, use blank for the regex parameter to match on an empty string.

Required Parameters

Optional Parameters

field, file, findReplace, findReplaceRegex, regex, value, options





Output Formats

Replacement Variables

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