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Mimics the improved UI support for copy page with the include child pages option to copy an entire hierarchy of pages with the ability to modify the titles and other options. The options are different than similar support provided by copyPage and copyPageChildren - review the various options to select the right copy action for your needs. This is a single server based copy operation, so should be considerably faster for copying hierarchies with a large number of pages. Copying is asynchronous unless '--options wait' is specified. The hierarchy is copied as sub pages under the parent provided. Title manipulation options can be provided with the options parameter using one or more of titlePrefix, titleFind, and titleReplace. When copying to the same space, you must modify the titles to avoid title conflicts.

Required Parameters

space, title, parent

Optional Parameters

newSpace, copyAttachments, copyLabels, copyPermissions, options





Output Formats

Replacement Variables

Since Version8.0


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