Analyzing Changes

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A major phase of the deployment process is the deep change and impact analysis. After starting the deployment process and selecting deployment options, the wizard then continues to the Analyze page, where the Configuration Manager performs deep change and impact analysis of future changes. On the Analyze page, you can view a summary and detailed information about the changes which will be applied to the current Jira instance. You can review all the necessary information provided tо understand what changes the deployment introduces to the target system and how those changes impact the existing projects.

As you can see on the screenshot below, the changes are grouped in tabs, named after the configuration object types affected by the snapshot. Each tab contains a list of changes of the configuration object (modifications/added elements) and thorough information about each specific change. The tabs are ordered in the same logical way the configuration elements are grouped in Jira's Administration menus.


There are counters, next to the name of each configuration object, indicating how many configuration elements will be added or modified after a successful deployment of the specified snapshot. The blue counters indicate the count of modified configuration elements and the green counters show the number of elements that will be added during the deployment.

Selective Merge

In this phase, after you see which objects will be modified by the deployment, you have the option Unknown Attachmentto alter or avoid those modifications to objects on the target Jira system. This feature is called Selective Merge, and you can read more about it here.

Review Changes

You can review the major changes introduced by the snapshot and their details in a detail view or list view. You can navigate between the different changes to review their details and understand what will be changed and what the impact on the current instance will be.

List View

In the screenshot, you can see how to switch between Detail View and List View.

Detail View

You can review the details of each change in the Detail View.

Review Affected Projects

The Detail View also shows the projects which are affected by a specific change.

Download Diff File

You can download the configuration diff in a JSON or CSV file using the Download JSON / Download CSV link on the Analyze page.

This has been available since version 4.2, the file format may change in the future.