JSON Triggers


Triggers can be added to

  • listen for workflow events

  • check for a set condition or conditions to be met for each event

  • set one or more actions for each event

Triggers are added as JSON using workflow builder or the JSON editor and can be used to create a more flexible and responsive workflow in Comala Document Management for Cloud.


A JSON trigger contains three different properties

Multiple trigger events can be added to a workflow and each single trigger event will include at least one or more actions.

JSON trigger events

JSON trigger conditions

JSON trigger actions

JSON trigger events

JSON trigger conditions

JSON trigger actions


In a 4 state workflow, you might want the workflow to move immediately from a Rejected state to a more proactively named Triage state, rather than waiting for a user to manually transition the content.


You can use a trigger to listen for the state change event to the Rejected state and set the trigger action to immediately transition to the Triage state.


The trigger can be added to a workflow using workflow builder but it must be added in JSON markup notation.

"triggers": [ {"event":"on-change-state", "conditions": [ {"state":"Rejected"} ], "actions": [ {"action":"change-state", "state":"Triage"} ]} ]

If you want to add this trigger to a workflow using workflow builder, copy and paste the JSON code format (without the opening "triggers": JSON markup notation) to the Triggers dialog in the Edit Workflow panel in workflow builder.

Each action is enclosed in a pair of curly brackets { ... }. Multiple actions are added as a comma-separated list. This list of actions is then enclosed in a pair of square brackets [ ...].

For example:

  • "actions":[{"action":"action1"}, { "action": "action2"}]

  • "actions":[{"action":"change-state", "state":"Triage"}, {"action":"set-message", "type":"warning", "body":"Rejected content, triage actions required", "mode":"autoClose"}]

Each trigger action can have a number of mandatory elements and optional elements depending on the action.

Trigger action and page workflow document activity

For audit purposes, both the rejected decision transition to the Rejected state and the subsequent trigger transition to Triage are recorded in the page document activity.