Using Workflow Builder


Workflow builder visual editor in Comala Document Control offers several simple ways to customize the look and feel of a workflow.


The visual editor is a graphical way to edit an existing workflow or create a new custom workflow without using the complex JSON code.

Workflows installed with the app cannot be edited. A copy of a bundled workflow can be made in the document management dashboard and the copy can be edited using the visual editor

Using workflow builder visual editor

The visual editor is accessed for a custom workflow in the space settings Document Management dashboard.

workflow authoring guide icon


  • choose the pencil icon from Actions options to edit a custom workflow with the visual editor

Workflow builder visual editor opens with the selected space workflow displayed.


The space workflow does not have to be enabled to access workflow builder.

The visual editor has two main sections

The initial view displays the following (for the selected custom workflow in the space)

  • the workflow name, workflow elements, and the individual workflow states in the workflow panel

  • a visual workflow diagram in the workflow navigator

The workflow panel is contextual. Its contents change according to the current task, for example editing a state; editing an approval; editing the workflow.

Creating custom workflows

Workflow builder is used to edit and customize a copy of the installed workflows (saved as a new custom workflow).

Edited workflows are saved as copies of the source-installed workflow as a custom workflow. The installed workflows cannot be changed and remain available to add and apply

  • as a space workflow in the space

  • or as a page workflow on a page-by-page basis (if no space workflow is active in the space).

Custom workflows saved in the space are available

  • in the workflow picker to add as a page workflow

  • to enable and apply as a space workflow to all the pages and blog posts in the space

  • the three bundled workflows are displayed in the document dashboard by default and cannot be removed

  • any saved custom workflows are also listed in the dashboard

    • custom workflows can be edited without the need first make a duplicate

    • custom workflows can be deleted from the space if required

    • custom workflows are unique to a space but can be copied and added to one or more other spaces using the code editor

Workflow builder visual editor options