The homepage of a space does not display a state byline when I have applied a workflow to the space


I want to add a Comala Document Management workflow to a space including the homepage. When the workflow is applied to the space, a workflow state byline is not displayed on the homepage. I also cannot apply a single page workflow to the homepage.


Comala Document Management does not support the application of a workflow to the homepage of a space and this means that the space homepage will not display any Comala Document Management workflow state byline.

This is a limitation within the Atlassian Confluence Cloud platform.

This Atlassian Cloud limitation also means a Comala Publishing source space homepage cannot be published to the target space and this means that the homepage will not display a publishing lozenge.


We recommend that the homepage of a space is created with only page macros such as page tree macro or the children macro to display the content of each space. The content of the child pages of the homepage can then be managed using an applied Comala Document Management workflow.