License validation failed


What if you encounter this message stating License validation failed?

A global administrator can confirm the current status of the app in the global Manage Apps screen.

Expired license

There are two types of expired license

  • trial license

  • customer license

When an instance trial license expires or its paying license has not been renewed for Comala Document Management, the instance is blocked from using the key features of the app.

On an expired trial license or an expired renewal license the workflow status will be shown on the pages/blog posts.

But if a user tries to interact with any of the workflows features, for example clicking on the state dialog; add page workflow; view workflow report, the user will see the License validation failed message.

To uninstall a trial license of the app, Atlassian requires you to stop the subscription before you can uninstall the app

What to do?

You will need a global administrator to confirm your license is valid and current and purchase a valid Comala Document Management subscription.

If the following message is displayed, this does not mean the license has expired.

You will need to check that there is at least one Comala Document Management workflow active in the space (individually added to the page or enabled in the space tools Comala Document Management dashboard).