Fixing Permissions Problem


If you encounter this message, there are some simple configuration changes you'll need to make.

What's happening?

The Comala Document Management app system user Comala Doucment Management for Confluence Cloud system user does not have permission for the content.

The user is identified as Comala Workflows for Confluence Cloud and not Comala Document Management for Confluence Cloud.

This may be due to one or more of

The most common problem happens when the permissions have been changed at page level. In this case you will need to assign the right permissions to the app user manually.

Global Permissions and scope of the app

Each app for Confluence Cloud (like Comala Document Management) has to be configured with a specific scope.

Scopes allow an app to request a particular level of access to an Atlassian product

This configuration is done automatically when the app is installed adding the Comala Document Management app system individual user.

In the View Global Permissions screen the app system user is added as an individual user with the Create Space(s) global permission.

In rare cases a permission problem may occur where a global administrator has changed the scope of the app and/or the permission for the app system user.

Space Permission for the app system user

The Comala Document Management app system user Comala Document Management for Confluence Cloud may not have the required permissions for the space.

In the space settings permissions screen the app system user should have all the individual user permissions except Restrictions Add/Delete; Mail Delete and Space Export.

The system app user permissions for the space may have been changed due to a change in the global permissions or the individual space permissions.

Permissions at Page Level

The Comala Document Managment app system user needs edit permissions, so it can save the information associated with each page.

If you have restricted the edit permission on a single page

  • we automatically add those missing permissions for you if the workflow has been previously added and applied prior to the restrictions

  • if the workflow is added after the restrictions then you may need to add the permission for the app

If the restrictions are inherited from a parent page you will have to manually add the Comala Approvals for Confluence Cloud system user directly to the page permissions screen

In either case,  the dialog will display an error. You may also see the initial warning (top of this page).

Getting Help

If that doesn't work, please submit request to support.