FAQ: Recalculation

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Below are some answers to questions we're commonly asked about creating SLA reports. For help with something we haven't addressed, please contact us.

Why am I getting an error when I try to recalculate my issues?

That might happen because you have too many issues. Please separate your issues and try again.

Something is wrong with my SLAs. What can I do to fix them?

Try recalculating your issues to make sure they are updated.

When should I tick “Exclude Finished SLAs”?

To better understand this, let’s say you’ve decided to change the priority of an issue from 6h to 4h. If you were to recalculate an SLA that is met at 5h in that case, it would now appear as EXCEEDED. This would be an incorrect value. Exclude Finished SLAs is useful for making sure such cases don’t happen.