How to authenticate CLI on Cloud


What are the considerations for authenticating CLI for Cloud?


The CLI requires user and password to authenticate just like if you were using the Jira or Confluence REST APIs directly. For the user portion, you should be able to use either your application user name or your Atlassian Id email address. However, there have been some  Atlassian bugs in this area that were avoided if by using your application user id instead of your email address. In either case, you must use your Atlassian Id password. If you don't know what your application user name is, the in the UI, go to your profile and the link should show something like: username=bob.

Google SSO

Atlassian does not support remote access APIs via Google SSO for Cloud. So that means we rely on Atlassian documentation on this topic on what needs to be done to use the CLI or REST APIs in this case. We haven't found really good docs on this, but here is one that highlights that Atlassian user/passwords are required for REST APIs: Security with G Suite. Or google related topics to see if you find something better (smile). Basically, it says you must still have and use the application user name and password for your automation while still using the SSO for UI work. At least one customer has verified this works for them.