How to create and update database tables from list actions


All CLI list actions are capable of creating or updating a database table provided the appropriate parameters are provided - see the various db related parameters in any CLI reference. This is part of a more general concept and documentation being developed as part of Data Warehouse for DevOps.

Database access parameters

See Database Related Parameters.


Jira issues

Create or Replace Table
-a runFromProjectList --continue --common "-a getIssueList --dbTable jira_issues --project \"@projectId@\" --outputFormat 999 --dateFormat \"yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss.SSS\" --dateFormat2 yyyy-MM-dd --file "" --propertyFile src/main/resources/ --dbPassword ******** " --dbCreateTable --replace --comment "JIRA CLI action: getIssueList"
Update Table with Recent Changes
-a getIssueList --dbTable jira_issues --jql "updated > -1d order by key asc" --outputFormat 999 --dateFormat "yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss.SSS" --dateFormat2 yyyy-MM-dd --file "" --propertyFile src/main/resources/ --dbPassword ******** --comment "JIRA CLI action: getIssueList"
94 issues discarded
94 rows updated. Table was 'jira_issues'.

Related issues

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