How to set temporary application logging level


When doing problem determination, you may want or be instructed by support to add or set more application logging. Many Atlassian products provide an Administrator UI to do this. This can be automated by the CLI using the renderRequest action - see How to use renderRequest. This provide a list of known examples. The setting is effective until the next time the server is rebooted. This changes the level of information available in the application log file. You must know or be told the name of the Java package that you want the logging level set for. It can be a partial package name (leading portions).

Available levels that are common:

  1. INFO
  2. WARN
  3. ERROR
  4. DEBUG
  5. FATAL

Jira Example

-a renderRequest --request "/secure/admin/ConfigureLogging.jspa" --requestParameters "loggerName=org.swift&levelName=DEBUG" --file ""

Confluence Example

-a renderRequest --request /admin/addlog4jentry.action --requestParameters "extraClassName=com.appfire&extraLevelName=DEBUG" --file ""

Bamboo Example

-a renderRequest --request "/admin/addLog4jEntry.action" --requestParameters "save=Add&extraClassName=com.appfire&extraLevelName=DEBUG" --file ""

Bitbucket Server

  • This capability is not provided by Bitbucket Server at the time of writing (up to version 5.9)