How to condition running of actions


When writing CLI or other scripts, it is useful to be able to condition running an action or actions based on information available at runtime or as a parameter in the script. To make it easier to do this especially for CLI scripts, CLI 7.6 provided a new runIf action that will only run the action(s) when the condition is met. 


The runIf action is essentially the same as the run action with additional parameters to specify the condition that is used to determine if the action(s) should be run or not.


Run actions only if a regex based condition is met. Other parameters and behavior are the same as the run action. By default the regex is used as a find operation in the value. Options parameter can be set to one or more of the following to modify the default behavior: literal - to treat the regex string as a literal string, exact - to require an exact match of the value, negative - to reverse the condition so a match means do NOT run action.

    Required parameters: value, regex, file or input or standard input

    Optional parameters: common, continue, simulate, clearFileBeforeAppend, encoding, findReplace, findReplaceRegex


Only run on first day of the month
--action runIf --value %now% --regex 01 dateFormat dd --input "--action ... " 
Only run if the script parameter lead is set to bob
--action runIf --value %lead% --regex bob --options exact --input "--action ... " --input "--action ... "