How to construct a diagram using the Flowchart macro


We create a flowchart that documents our support workflow.


  1. Create a new page.
  2. Enter {flowchart and select the flowchart macro. Alternatively, from the toolbar at the top, click Insert more content > select Other macros from the drop-down list > search for Flowchart macro in the Search bar
  3. Copy the code block mentioned in the example below and paste it in the macro body.
  4. Click Save to publish the page.


"Internal"                 [fillcolor=lightgrey] 
"Customer"                 [fillcolor=lightgrey]
"Support email"            [fillcolor=cadetblue1]
"Confluence Questions"     [fillcolor=cadetblue1]
"Atlassian Answers"        [fillcolor=cadetblue1]

"Code fix & test"          [fillcolor=lightpink2]
"Commit"                   [fillcolor=lightpink2]
"Bamboo build"             [fillcolor=lightpink2]
"EAP snapshot"             [fillcolor=lightpink2]
"Confluence release notes" [fillcolor=lightpink2]

"Release process"          [fillcolor=palegreen]

"Customer" -> "Support email" -> "JIRA issue open"
"Customer" -> "Confluence Questions" -> "JIRA issue open" 
"Customer" -> "Atlassian Answers" -> "JIRA issue open"
"Customer" -> "JIRA issue open" [label = " preferred"]
"Confluence release notes" -> "EAP snapshot" -> "JIRA issue resolved"

"Internal" -> "JIRA issue open" -> "JIRA issue in progress" [label = " bug, improvement  "] 

"JIRA issue open" -> "JIRA issue triage" [label = " support request  "]
"JIRA issue triage" -> "JIRA issue triage" [label = " customer feedback loop"]
"JIRA issue triage" -> "JIRA issue open" [label = " bug, improvement  "]
"JIRA issue in progress" -> "Code fix & test"
"JIRA issue in progress" -> "Quality review" [label = " fixed"]
"Quality review" -> "JIRA issue resolved" [label = " snapshot"]
"JIRA issue triage" -> "JIRA issue resolved" [label = " answered, resolved locally, duplicate"]
"JIRA issue resolved" -> "Release process"
"JIRA issue resolved" -> "JIRA issue closed"

"Code fix & test" -> "Commit" -> "Bamboo build" -> "Quality review"
"Quality review" -> "Confluence release notes"
"Other JIRA issues" -> "Release process"
"Release process" -> "JIRA issue closed"