How to use the output from other macros in Graphviz


This article illustrates how you can use the dot code generated by another macro and use it as source code in Graphviz to create a diagram.


  1. Create a new page.

  2. Enter {flowchart and select the flowchart macro. Alternatively, from the toolbar at the top, click Insert more content > Other macros > Flowchart macro. 

    In this example, we use Groovy to generate the dot code and copied the code block into the Flowchart Macro

  3. Copy the code block mentioned in the example below and paste it in the macro body. 

  4. Enable Render wiki markup macros in body.


5. Click Save to publish the page.

You will have to enter diagraph commands to generate Diagraphs and Space graphs.


 println 'A -> B' 
 println 'B -> C' 
 println 'C -> A'
 println 'D -> B' 
 println 'D -> C'