How to nest a macro within Graphviz


This article illustrates how you can nest a macro that generates a dot code within Graphviz macro (in this case, the Graph macro), to create a diagram. 


  1. Create a new page.
  2. Enter {graph and select the flowchart macro. Alternatively, from the toolbar at the top, click Insert more content > Other macros > Graph macro. 

    In this example, we nest the macro body within the Graph Macro.

      3. Nest the macro body or the sample Source code within the Graph macro as shown below:  


4. Enable Render wiki markup macros in body.


5. Click Save to publish the page.

For Diagraphs and Space graphs, you will have to nest macros that generate diagraph commands.


out.println("A -- D");
out.println("B -- C");
out.println("C -- A");
out.println("D -- C");
out.println("C -- E");
out.println("B -- E");