Graphviz Diagrams for Confluence


Graphviz Diagrams for Confluence helps generate and display graphs using DOT language for simple, plain text expressions. The app is available both on Confluence server and cloud. Visit Atlassian Marketplace to download the app.


  • Automatic diagram layout for plain text DOT language.
  • Supports PlantUML to generate UML or non-UML graphs.
  • Generate graphs from data in remote locations using profiles. Supports Bitbucket repositories and external applications like GitLab and GitHub.
  • Output as PNG, SVG, JPG, or GIF.
  • Generate graphs of Confluence page hierarchy using the Space graph macro.
  • Option to save the output as an attachment.
  • Use wiki link syntax to create image links to Confluence or other content. See How to add links to Graphviz images.
  • Plain text Graphviz markup makes it easy for automation to create graphs from other data.
  • (Server only) Diagrams from Confluence tables (native, SQL macro, CSV macro, Excel macroScripting for Confluence, and similar apps) using the Graph from table macro.


Server only

Graph Visualization Software (Graphviz) installed on the Confluence server. See How to install Graphviz software.

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