How to create or update pages with a run dialog


This is a simple example of using a run dialog to affect content. There are a number of techniques that can be used. An alternative to what is described here is to use the Scripting for Confluence - this involves some scripting but is more flexible for some use cases.


  1. Run Self-Service Reports for Confluence
  2. Run CLI Actions in Confluence


  1. Create a page 
  2. Construct the parameters for the run macro to match your requirements. See the other examples and documentation.
  3. Configure the Run CLI Actions in Confluence with profile for the local Confluence instance.
  4. Test
Wiki markup
{run:replace=name:$current_user_name:Name,happy:Yes:Are you happy?:radio::Yes::No|titleRun=Update page}


--action storePage --space experiment --title "mypage - $name" --parent @home --content "This is the page for $name. Am I happy? $happy"


[mypage - $name] page updated.