How to get page information for all pages


This shows how to get page information for all pages on the site (smaller sites) or all pages in a space to display on a Confluence page. For instance, this will subset to show the last page modifier and date.


This is similar to How to get all space permissions, except with a different action. Follow the same steps except use the following markup or similar:

Get page list
--action getPageList --space @all --outputFormat 3 --dateFormat yyyy.MM.dd --quiet 

Be careful using with large sites or spaces

Be careful when you use this on larger spaces or sites as the rendering time may be excessive. Avoid using @all and use specific space key instead.You should consider using Run CLI Actions in Bamboo to produce an attachment with the data and publish it to Confluence.

Example Output

This is a portion of the output generated from this Cloud site taken from another Confluence site (download version needed for add-ons).