Run Self-Service Reports for Confluence

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Dynamic content based on user-provided input using a form. The form is automatically constructed from the macro parameters. Upon clicking a button, variables are substituted into the macro body and then the macro body is rendered.


  1. Simple, text based definition of form via macro parameters.
  2. Many different input field types
    • text 
    • textarea
    • radio button
    • checkbox
    • select
    • select-multi - multiple value select
    • dynamic select - populate select with values fetched using an SQL query
    • dynamic multi-select - multiple value select for dynamic select field type
    • integer
    • integer-select - automatically generated integer choices
    • float
    • date
    • output - display only
    • hidden
    • group - UI control
  3. Options highly customizable
    • Values can be different from display text
    • rows or entries per row can be specified
    • fields can be made required
    • integer, float, and date value validation with range checking
    • group multiple fields on a line
    • disable field
  4. More support - less important fields (rows) can be hidden initially until user requests to see them
  5. Help support - automatic linking to a help page with anchors
  6. Customizable button text and other text fields
  7. Pre-defined variables
  8. URL links to page with variable request parameters
  9. Snapshot/archive support - the ability to save an attachment that is a snapshot of render macro body at a point in time
  10. Macro can be controlled by Macro Security for Confluence
  11. Advanced customization support for request parameters and parameter input (velocity)

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