How to configure columns displayed on Service Desk Queue gadgets in Dashboard Hub Pro app

This article explains how columns can be added/removed in the Service Desk Queue gadget offered by Dashboard Hub Pro app.


  1. Log in to Jira and go to Dashboard Hub Pro

    1. If the Dashboard and the gadget exist then go to the desired dashboard and follow the steps from step # 3.

    2. If a new Dashboard has to be created then follow the steps from the page,, to create a new dashboard.

  2. To add the Gadget:

    1. Add Service Desk Queue gadget to the dashboard by navigating to Dashboard → Edit → Add gadgets and choose Service Desk Queue gadget:


    2. Configure Service Desk Queue gadget by going to Config option and providing all the details as required such as Data Source, Project, Queues, etc.


  3. The Service Desk Queue gadget is based on the Queues of the project.
    Configure the Queues by navigating to Project → Queues → Choose Queue → Edit Queue → choose columns as required and Save.


  4. Once the Queue is saved, the same changes will be reflected in the Service Desk Queue gadget of Dashboard.


Ensure to have the proper permissions to access the Queues section in the Project.