Service Desk gadget fails to display the correct information for select durations in the Dashboard Hub for Jira app

This article explains how to fix the data inconsistency issue, where the Service Desk gadget fails to display the correct information for selected durations.

Issue Description

When employing the Service Desk gadget within the Jira Dashboard Hub to showcase cases from recent months and days, it occasionally exceeds the designated duration limit, thereby displaying issues beyond the selected timeframe.

In the screenshots above, the Service Desk Gadget presented issues from the preceding three months. However, in the second screenshot, it is evident that a record created well beyond the specified 'Period to Retrieve' duration is being displayed.


The underlying reason for this lies in the functionality of the Service Desk gadget. When selecting a duration, such as the last three months, the gadget displays records created within that timeframe and those that have been updated during the same period. Consequently, old records, which are not created but updated within the specified time frame, are visible, contributing to the observed behavior.


To address this concern and limit the display to records created within the last three months, an effective solution involves modifying the Jira Query Language (JQL). The Service Desk gadget can accurately reflect the desired time frame by appending the query with 'created >= -90d,' as demonstrated in the example below.

project = "PWC" AND issuetype = "Incident" AND created >= -90d ORDER BY created ASC