How to add Jira and Confluence datasources in Dashboard Hub app


Datasources are the entities that securely connect Jira and Confluence instances with other instances for data retrieval. For example, the default datasource is the instance where the app is installed, which needs no configuration.


  1. Navigate to Dashboard Hub from the top Jira menu for Jira Server/Data Center and from the Apps menu for Jira Cloud.

  2. To add a datasource, access the dashboard actions in the “” menu, in the top right navigation bar. Select Add datasource so that any available source products can be selected.

  3. Select the required product and proceed to the configuration.

  4. For Jira and Confluence Server/ DataCenter, configure through User+password or Personal access token

  • User+password : Provide the instance URL, username, and password that has access to the instance.


  • Personal access token: Provide the instance’s URL and API Token.

4. For Jira and Confluence Cloud, configure through API token or Dashboard Hub Connector app.

  • API Token: Provide the Instance URL and API Token of the cloud instance

  • Dashboard Hub Connector app: This app is a bridge to bring data from other Atlassian products, keeping users and security privileges configured on every instance. This means that users can access data from other Atlassian cloud products only if their Atlassian accounts have the right and sufficient privileges. It requires Dashboard Hub for Jira (paid app) to be installed in the main instance, but the Dashboard Hub Connector apps are free apps!

5. Once the datasource is added, select the compatible datasource while configuring a gadget.